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Please use the form below to contact us if you need further assistance. You can also request for a specific hacking program to be coded here also. If your request is popular enough it will be fulfilled.

Also “Program Requests” subject is for requesting a new program to be made, not requesting for download links. All download links can be found in the Programs Section.

         Read before contacting us:

  • Make sure you read the FAQS before you contact us. Most of your questions are already answered there. If you message us with a question that has been answered in the FAQS, you will be IGNORED!

  • All possible instructions have been included with your program including instructions for fixing error messages.

  • We do not provide support for surveys or offers as we have no control over them.

  • We have over 30,000+ users in our database. Our support team is very limited, so do not expect us to respond to you fast. It can take longer than 3 weeks for a reply. We provide downloads for the community, not support. The main reason is no one is paying us. The FAQS is your best option.

  • Our content is created by our community members. If you have a question that is not answered trying posting in the comment section below the post!

  • Please only send your question once. If you have 2 or more unanswered emails, then the system will move all of your emails to the bottom of the list. You have been warned. Your emails might not even reach us for a few months if you constantly send your questions. Please respect us.

  • Our community is growing very fast. Our staff can’t write enough content to keep up. We are giving other related sites the opportunity to write for us, also known as, guest posting. Please note we are very strict on the quality of the content on our site. If you submitted article does not meet our guidelines, it will not be added.

  • We have a strict anti-spam system. Do not use any words that might trigger the anti-spam system, which will move your email to the spam folder.

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